Enhancing Graduate Employability Series
  • 2nd Floor Meeting Room, 3 Endsleigh Place

  • 2nd Floor Meeting Room, 3 Endsleigh Place

  • Room 213, Rolle Building

  • Venue to be confirmed

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The Enhancing Graduate Employability Series is targeted at academic staff with a programme/school responsibility for employability or who have an interest in employability. 

The series provides an opportunity for staff with mutual responsibilities to come together at regular intervals in a process to interrogate their employability provision, share issues and ideas, and develop action plans to enhance employability in their area. 

The series will culminate in participants sharing their plans and the story of their development at the VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2017. 

Session 1 – Introducing Graduate Employability (2 November 2016)

This session will enable introductions to be made. In addition to being introduced to each other, participants will be familiarised with some key concepts in employability as a starting point for sharing views and understandings. Participants will then be introduced to the various ways in which employability practice can be interrogated. Participants will be tasked with conducting an audit of employability to bring to session 2.

Session 2 – Examining Employability Practice (15 February 2017)

This session will allow participants to share the findings of their employability audits. What did they discover about their strengths and weaknesses? Success stories and good ideas will be showcased. Participants will be encouraged to discuss their audits in a spirit of mutual problem solving. The session will conclude with participants being tasked with drafting an employability action plan to bring to session 3.

Session 3 – Developing Plans to Enhance Employability (7 June 2017)

In this session participants will share their draft action plans, receive peer feedback, and polish their plans. Participants will be encouraged to plan a contribution to the VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2017 and they will be offered individual follow-up support on employability pedagogies and implementation.

Session 4 – VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference 2017 (30 June 2017)

The Enhancing Graduate Employability Series will conclude with a workshop offered at the VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference. This will provide participants the opportunity to share their action plans, the stories behind their development, and what they intend to do next. This will also provide a forum to share ideas from audience and widen the network of employability practitioners.

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