Music: Dr Robert Taub: Music – A Multi-Dimensional Continuum

Dr Robert Taub

  • Sherwell Upper Lecture Theatre, University of Plymouth

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Music is all around us; music knows no linguistic or geopolitical boundaries; music moves us all. Music is often spontaneous, but some compositions are carefully crafted with deep thought about every exquisite detail. We can all sing and whistle, but music has also been wedded to technology for thousands of years. And while all music proceeds in time, there are works in which such a continuum is multi-dimensional.

An acclaimed pianist known for his interpretations of Beethoven and new music, Dr Robert Taub, new Music Director of The Arts Institute, speaks passionately and eloquently on the importance and power of music from any period.

Bob has played as guest soloist with some of the world’s foremost orchestras and conductors, including the MET Orchestra in Carnegie Hall, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, BBC Philharmonic, The Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony.

He plans to use his expertise in performance, concert programming and academia to make Plymouth’s music scene as ‘vibrant and as great’ as it can be.

Date: Friday 5 October 
Time: 19:30
Venue: Sherwell Upper Lecture Theatre 
Running time: 60 mins  

Free admission, booking advised

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'Transformations' season at The Arts Institute

This season we continue with the theme of Transformations, an apt title as we launch our new name, The Arts Institute. The feeling of change is a very live issue, which we wanted to explore in terms of transformation, when a culture or a way of thinking undergoes a complete shift or turn around. This type of change is different to the revolutionary breaks or schisms we have explored in previous programmes, rather a transformation, at least in a cultural sense, is more often associated with a positive outcome.

This also includes the personal transformations we all undergo, whether through education or new experiences. Retaining the space to have these conversations is vital and we see The Arts Institute as providing an opportunity for you to participate in these discussions alongside experiencing the very best in culture here in Plymouth.

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