Dartmoor Prison Break 2020
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    HMP Dartmoor, Tavistock Road, Princetown PL20 6RR

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Back for 2020, University partners Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (DSRTP) are offering the unique opportunity to enter this bespoke event - how far will YOU escape from HMP Dartmoor?!

This is a major fundraising event for DSRTP: an endurance race where entrants determine their own route from the start point with the aim to achieve the furthest distance (as the crow flies) in a given time. Essential funds raised will help DSRTP to ensure the 24/7/365 safety of all members of the public in Dartmoor, Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

There are two categories: a 12 hour Delinquent and 24 hour Felon. Both events start at noon and you plan your own route and take it at your own pace! Carrying on from last year's success DSRTP members will be entering as wardens! They will set off 20 minutes behind you but don't worry if you get caught...the penalty: a selfie with the warden and you'll soon be on your way again! This proved to be a great hit last year, a good bit of fun and a great way for DSRTP to capture your escapes! 

Medals and t-shirts for all participants will be given at registration.

Please visit the above link for full details (including ticket information) or contact dcase@dsrtplymouth.org.uk for any queries.

All proceeds are in aid of the Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (registered charity number 1106095). DSRTP are grateful to the management of HMP Dartmoor who have given them extraordinary co-operation enabling the race to be managed, and started from within the grounds of the legendary prison.

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The University's partnership with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team Plymouth (DSRTP)

Our longstanding partnership with DSRTP is creating valuable opportunities enhancing University staff and student experience.

Acting as casualties and sharing the University’s modern facilities to enhance the training experience in preparation for real search and rescue missions, exploring collaborative research opportunities supporting DSRTP in becoming the first dementia friendly search and rescue team, this mutually beneficial partnership is making a real impact.

Further information about our partnership