Could technology be used to improve patient experience when using outpatients services?

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eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall (EPIC) has secured another three years’ European Regional Development Funding, supported by a range of delivery partners to continue the project until April 2023.

EPIC is fuelled by the ideas of those who would benefit from using technology for health and wellbeing, sharing these with local business who can develop these ideas into truly useful technological solutions rooted in real-life need.

Adhering to government advice in relation to COVID-19, we will not be hosting face-to-face workshops for this phase of the project, as originally planned.

Instead, we would like to introduce you to a platform called ‘Ask Cornwall’, an online community that allows you to create an account, make useful connections and share ideas for better health and care in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

Everyone is welcome to join, from any profession – if you use health or care services, or have ideas on how we can help improve using technology, we want to hear from you. The EPIC team has planned a series of workshops, hosted online, via Zoom, to discuss the ideas and considerations that have stemmed from the initial Ask Cornwall discussions and to move towards the creation of a working group to champion the use of voice technology in health and care.

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There are a variety of outpatients’ services in our region, with a high volume of people being treated and having follow-up appointments; discussing potential treatments, receiving test results, or appointments to confirm discharge.

  • With a variety of technological solutions available, such as secure video calls or emails sent through an encrypted website, could we employ these solutions to reduce the number of unnecessary face-to-face appointments for patients?
  • Do you feel that having your appointment by video consultation would benefit you? For example, would it help with travel concerns, getting time off work, the worry of attending?
  • Would you prefer to conduct pre-assessment tasks before surgery or check-up appointments, from the comfort of your own home, instead of visiting the hospital twice?
  • Lastly, outpatients’ services incur a high rate of ‘did not attend’ appointments, do you think reminders by text message or email could help people to remember to attend their appointments?

Considering the points above and based on your experiences, what changes would you like to see made that would ensure that patients like yourself had a better experience? What considerations do you feel will need to be made to make sure the services are easy to use?

This session will be lead by Daniela Austin, EPIC Research Associate. Please register your place via the Eventbrite webpage* to express your interest in this online event.

Please note that this event is available to book online through Eventbrite. Eventbrite is a third-party data capture tool that is not owned or managed by the University of Plymouth. Information about how your data is treated can be found on Eventbrite’s Privacy Policy webpage. If you wish to attend this event but do not want to use Eventbrite to book your place, please contact

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