Border Crossings and Cultural Fusions
  • Room 117, Rolle Building, Plymouth University

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The next ResearchEd seminar from Plymouth Institute of Education will be given by Professor Gill Crozier from the University of Roehampton.

The paper “Border Crossings and Cultural Fusions: Working Class Students Constructing Hybrid Identities in Higher Education” presents an empirically and UK-based analysis that aims to contribute to the policy discourses of widening participation in and access to Higher Education.

The focus specifically is on how working class, White and Black and Minority Ethnic students perceived their identities in relation to their universities and their peers together with their processes of negotiation in developing or asserting a sense of ‘belonging’ or ‘fit’. 

A key question that Gill considers is whether the students feel the need to adapt and change their identities in order to survive and progress at university, and/or whether they resist any pressures and expectations to do so. An individual’s identity is made up of many facets and these multiple identities in the learning situation may conflict and struggle for expression. 

Through the experiences of 24 working class student case studies, Gill will show how the students in three very different universities relate to potentially alien or certainly hitherto unknown environments and navigate their way through these. She will explore the tension between ‘assimilation and belonging’ and ‘betrayal and exclusion’ for Black and Minority Ethnic and White working class students and consider whether there are also gendered implications. In doing this she will demonstrate their strategies of resistance and the development of robust and agentic hybrid identities.

This seminar is aimed at Plymouth University staff, particularly those in Education and those doing pedagogic research. 

Contact Claire Butcher to book a place (email: / tel: 01752 585337).

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