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Gain the benefit of insider knowledge to help your students plan ahead and make informed decisions about their future in higher education.

We offer several different types of school and college visits to University of Plymouth, usually for groups of 30-150, post-16 students. In addition we offer UCAS application workshops and whole University open days. To find out more and book your visit please see below.

We typically receive visits from a number of schools and colleges across the South West. But we've also received visitors from further afield, and arrangements can be made if you are travelling a long way.

We regret that due to time constraints and demand, we're only able to accept a very limited number of visits from Year 11 groups, normally in January only. Contact us for more information or to enquire about arranging a visit.

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Generic University campus visit

The aim of our generic campus visits are to show your students first-hand what a typical university campus is like and to inspire your students to think about university study whilst experiencing campus life. 

The day consists of a number of elements to provide as much information as possible to your students, visits include a range of talks and a campus tour with one of our current student ambassadors so your students can gain a further understanding of what a campus university looks like. We also give the students an opportunity to have a question and answer session with a member of the Outreach Team and current students to answer any questions about university life, the application process and also any questions that they day will have brought up. 

The range of talks we can present to the students include UCAS and personal statements, how to choose the right course for them and also information about finance, all these talks are given by an experienced member of the Outreach Team. In addition two of our student ambassadors can also give our student life talk discussing their own experiences at University and what it is like to be a student. Before your visit we will discuss with you which of these talks you think would be most beneficial for your students and tailor make as appropriate, this will also follow the stage of learning your students are at. 

Please see below a typical itinerary for our generic campus visit, as mentioned previously the visit is flexible and the timings and presentations delivered can be amended to suit your needs. 

Generic visit on campus itinerary

  • A 10.00 - Arrival, introduction and welcome
  • ' 10.15 - Choosing your course and university presentation
  • , 11.00 - Campus tour
  • Ö 11.45 - Break for lunch
  • b 12.45 - Student life presentation
  • } 13.30 - Question and answer session with student ambassadors
  • ] 14.00 - Departure

UCAS and personal statement workshop

For some students, making an application to universities can seem like a daunting and complicated task. We aim to help ease the UCAS application process for your students and encourage those who find it hard to make the most of their talent. As an institution that receives thousands of applications each year, we're able to pass on our knowledge and advice to help prospective students put together a successful application.

Our workshops consist of a presentation and interactive exercises to help understand the process, highlight important dates, and help students to start, construct and improve their personal statement. We also provide time to allow your students to go in to one of our on campus computer suites to start researching and writing their personal statements.

This day is beneficial to students in the final stages of their first year at sixth form or college. It's also useful for students at the start of their second year at sixth form or college. Below is a typical itinerary for our UCAS and personal statement workshop. This itinerary is flexible and timings can be amended to suit your needs. 

These visits are run over the course of the academic year, with the exception of holidays and other busy periods, but are subject to room availability. To ensure that your students have access to University computer suites, we host our UCAS application workshops after our current students at Plymouth have completed their studies for exams and end-of-year deadlines. These workshops are available between May and July and early September.

Below is a typical itinerary for a UCAS application workshop.

  • A 10.00 - Arrival, introduction and welcome
  • Z 10.15 - UCAS application talk
  • x 11.15 - UCAS resources workshop
  • Ö 12.00 - Break for lunch
  • ' 12.45 - Campus tour
  • . 13.15 - Personal statement workshop
  • } 14.00 - Q&A with student ambassadors and closing discussion
  • ] 14.15 - Departure

Subject specific visit

We're also able to host subject-specific campus visits for groups of students. Focused on a central theme or talk, we invite you to take a look around our campus to gain a better insight into our University degree courses. Subject-specific campus visits revolve around a key degree course or set of courses, normally decided by your area of interest. Prospective students can gather detailed information regarding career choices, graduate opportunities, course availability and requirements.