Students from under-represented groups

Access for adult returners

This service is directly available to adult learners returning to study, and those access course providers in Devon and Cornwall.

Our specialist returning to study service provides support and guidance to learners coming back to undergraduate study after a break in their formal education. Information for international students is provided through International Student Advice (ISA).

Access for ethnic minorities 

We design and deliver outreach activities aimed at increasing the ethnic diversity of participants and maximising engagement with local support organisations for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups.

We've recently partnered with Plymouth social inclusion group Fata He who look to redress social and economic inequalities.

Access for learning with disabilities 

These activities are available to all schools and colleges in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset.

We can provide some tailored activities over the year, for instance to raise awareness and aspirations and to prepare for higher education. Support for learners with disabilities studying at Plymouth is provided through Disability Services.

Access for care leavers

Please see the care leaver service pages for more information.