Preparing for your medicine or dentistry interview

Everything you need to know about interviews for medicine and dentistry

Interview format

Interviews will follow a Multiple Mini Interview format, consisting of seven interview stations. These are a style of interview where candidates rotate around a series of stations at which various personal attributes will be assessed. The format of stations may vary from a 1:1 traditional interview through to a role-play or a short practical task. You will have one minute outside each station to read the station synopsis followed by five minutes per question in each station. Due to the timescale there will be no opportunity for you to ask the interviewer any questions at the end of the interview. 

There are no right or wrong answers! You are not expected to showcase knowledge of scientific terminology, simply communicate well and give us an insight into your potential.

Important documents

Upon arrival you will be registered for your interview and will need to provide the original documentation listed below:

  • You must bring photographic evidence of identity with you, e.g. passport, driving licence or national ID card. 
  • If you are unable to provide any of these, please complete and return the ID verification form.
  • Original GCSE (or equivalent) certificates, if applicable, as shown on your UCAS form. Original GCE A/AS level (or equivalent) certificates, if already achieved. Completed and signed self declaration form.
  • Please note that we will be unable to interview any candidates without first verifying their ID.
Forms and further information

Travel and accommodation

You will need to think about your journey to the interview, and you may need to book accommodation to ensure you allow plenty of time to arrive promptly, particularly if you have a long way to travel.

More information on accommodation