Tuition fees and what they mean for you

Plymouth University fees from 2012

Plymouth’s undergraduate tuition fees for full-time home/EU students are £9,000 per annum from September 2012. These fees are all inclusive, with no added cost of compulsory field trips, study visits or internships.

There will be no change to your fees if you’re already studying with us or joined us in 2011. You won’t be affected by changes to the fee system (Home/EU fees will continue to be subject to inflationary increases). Our Students’ Union (UPSU), on behalf of our students, is supporting the University in setting its fee levels with an explicit expectation of the University continuing to sustain and further enhance the student experience. There are various international student scholarships for eligible students – for details visit our funding for international students page. The placement fee is £700 for Home/EU and Overseas. 

Accessible higher education for Home and EU students

If you’re a Home or EU student with the potential to benefit from the Plymouth experience, we want to make sure that you’re able to access all that the University can offer. Don’t let headline fees put you off investing in your future with us – take advantage of all the benefits available to you under the new system:

  • Don’t pay anything upfront in any year of study (unless you are a self fee payer not receiving a tuition loan)
  • Access tuition loans (subject to eligibility)
  • Once you do start to repay your fees, pay less per month than under the old system. For example, those earning a salary of £25k+ would be paying around £30 per month
  • Benefit from generous loans for living costs and a new fund to support students during your studies 
  • Get support via the National Scholarship Programme
  • Draw on extra scholarship and grant support, available for students with dependents, people with disabilities and those from low income households
  • Don’t repay a penny until you’re earning more than £21,000 a year (as opposed to £15,000 under the pre-2012 scheme)

Did you commence your studies before September 2012 and have you been in continuous study since?

If the answer is "No", then you'll probably qualify for the new fee structure and associated support. If the answer is "Yes", you'll probably remain under the old fee structure. This statement only serves as a brief summary of who’s affected by the change in fees, and of course there are always some exceptions. We’ve outlined the main changes under the 2012 structure and answered some of your commonly asked questions: