Student Loans Company funded (tuition fee loan)

1. How much am I required to pay for tuition fees?

You can find out exactly how much you'll need to pay by visiting our tuition fees pages.

2. If I study on a part-time basis how do I calculate my fees?

You'll be charged only for the modules you undertake each academic year as agreed with your faculty. Each module attracts a specific number of credits and the fees are calculated for each 10 credits you undertake. Please bear in mind that the underlying per 10 credit fee tariff normally increases each academic year during your period of study.

To find out the amount charged per 10 credits please visit our tuition fees pages.

3. I will be receiving a Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance and want to use the funds to pay my tuition fee, what do I need to do?

 As the Postgraduate Loan will be paid to you personally and not directly to the University, for Tuition Fee payment purposes you will be classed as a Self-Fee Payer and should refer to the FAQ guide for Self-fee Payers.

4. Can I get a loan for part-time study?

Undergraduate Part-time students can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover their tuition costs. To be eligible for a tuition fee loan, this must generally be the first time you’ve studied on a higher education degree and you must complete a minimum of 25 per cent of the equivalent full-time course load per year. Part-time students cannot get a maintenance grant for living costs, but can apply for a maintenance loan.

5. Do I need to pay you the money from my tuition fee loan?

No, provided your application has been finalised, fully approved, and you have returned your signed declaration to Student Finance (and they have received it), the funds from your tuition fee loan will be paid directly to the University in three instalments – Normally 25% in October, 25% in February and 50% in May. Please ensure that you have advised Student Finance of the correct university/institution.

6. I have received a payment schedule letter from Student Finance; do you need to see it?

 The University should receive notification from Student Finance that your loan is in place and approved automatically. However if you are aware that there have been delays in your application or you want to ensure that we are aware that you have a tuition fee loan in place you can scan and email a copy of your payment schedule letter to us at

7. I am getting a tuition fee loan from Student Finance but I have received correspondence from the University regarding tuition fees – what should I do?

The University may not be aware that you have a tuition fee loan approved. The best way to resolve this is to scan and email a copy of the payment schedule letter (which you should have received from Student Finance) and email it to us at so that finance staff can check the details and update your record and account.

8. I am thinking of withdrawing/interrupting my studies, how does this affect my tuition fee and tuition fee loan?

The University will apply its policy on tuition fees payable by students who withdraw or interrupt their studies. Please note: if you wish to interrupt or withdraw from your programme, you must do more than simply stop attending. You must advise your Faculty Office by submitting a withdrawal or interrupt study form. For the policy and form please view our debt advice page.

The University will inform Student Finance that you have withdrawn/interrupted and your tuition fee loan will be adjusted where applicable. If tuition fees have been overpaid to the University, Student Finance will reclaim the funds and credit your loan account.

You will need to contact Student Finance on +44 845 300 50 90 to find out how your future funding eligibility may be affected by withdrawing or interrupting. There may also be implications regarding any maintenance funding you have already received.

9. I am experiencing difficulties getting my tuition fee loan approved by Student Finance, or they have told me that I am not eligible for a tuition fee loan this year – is there anyone that can help me?

 You can visit the Student Union Advice Centre on campus where staff can help you look at your eligibility and help you communicate with Student Finance. Alternatively, you can email them at or call +44 1752 588373. You may also email the tuition fees team at for advice or call them on +44 1752 588130.

10. Student Finance has told me I need to get my attendance confirmed by the University – who do I need to contact?

There are two kinds of ‘confirmation of attendance’: one is required at the start of the year which upon receipt allows Student Finance to release payment of maintenance loans and grants into your specified bank account. If it is for this reason that you need your attendance confirming, you need to email

The other kind is where the University has to confirm you are in attendance each term, upon receipt of this Student Finance will release the relevant instalment of your tuition fee. If it is for this reason that you need your attendance confirming please email the tuition fees team at

11. I have successfully completed a 'Year Zero course' (such as Foundation Pathways in Technology/Management, Government and Law Foundation Year) and will be progressing onto a different course in the next academic year. Should I inform the Student Loans Company of this change?

Yes - you should inform the Student Loans Company of the course change via your Student Finance online account.

Please note that you will have to select a slightly different version than the standard degree - the version that should be selected for progressing Year Zero course students should have the letters EXTDYR in the course name title. For example - if you were progressing onto BSc Biological Sciences after completing a Year Zero course you should inform the Student Loans Company that you are changing course to BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES EXTDYR-FT or BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES EXTDYR-SW (if you were planning on studying a placement year). The FT stands for Full Time and the SW stands for Sandwich. If the UCAS code of the new course is entered on the online application, all available versions will be visible for selection.

Please also ensure that you select course Year 1 of this new course (as you have already studied course Year Zero/foundation in the previous academic year). In subsequent academic years please make certain you remain on the EXTDYR version when applying for Student Finance.

If you haven’t studied a Year Zero course, please DO NOT attempt to link yourself to any of the EXTDYR versions for Student Loans Company purposes as this may cause funding problems.

If you have any queries regarding which course you should select during your Student Finance application please email

12. I’m on a course with an optional placement year, how do I apply for Student Finance?

Please note that if you are undertaking a placement year and you are applying for Student Finance it is important to ensure that you have applied for the correct amount of tuition fee loan and that you are linked to the correct version of your course for student finance purposes.

In the 2016/17 academic year, University of Plymouth will be charging £900 for students who are undertaking a full placement year.

If you are studying a course with an optional placement year and will be on a placement year in 2016/17 it is very important that you are linked to the correct SW version and course Year 3 – all of our courses that have an optional placement year have SW attached after their course name on the Student Finance website. So for example, if you are studying BSc International Hospitality Management and will be on the placement year in 2016/17 please ensure you are linked to INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT-SW and have selected course Year 3. If you wish to have a tuition fee loan to cover this fee, please ensure that you apply for £900. If you wish to pay the £900 yourself please do NOT apply for the fee loan.

If you are studying a course with an optional placement year and wish to NOT study the placement year please ensure that you are linked to course Year 3 of the Full Time version (FT) of your course via your Student Finance online account. So for example if you were studying BSc International Hospitality Management please ensure that you are linked to INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT-FT course Year 3 with fees of £9000. Please do NOT attempt to link yourself to course Year 4 of the SW version if you have not taken a placement year.

Any course amendments you may want to make can be made via your online student finance account up to the start date of your course (usually 19/09/2016) but we would recommend that you do this as soon as possible.

Alternatively if you have any problems with amending your course/tuition fee loan amount please contact Student Finance England, Student Finance Wales or Student Finance Northern Ireland who will be able to amend your course and provide details on how to amend your tuition fee loan amount.

Student Finance England: +44 300 100 0607

Student Finance Wales: +44 300 200 4050

Student Finance Northern Ireland: +44 0300 100 0077

EU students: +44 141 243 3570

Loan Repayment enquiries: +44 300 100 0611

Did you find what you were looking for? If you can’t find the answer to your query in the information provided here, please get in touch. We’ll be happy to help. Email us at or call us on on +44 1752 588130.