Military funding (ELCAS)

1. I am starting a new programme. How much am I required to pay for tuition fees?

The tuition fees specific to a course or programme are shown in the 'Fees, costs and funding' section of each undergraduate course and taught postgraduate programme web page. Please choose your course using the search box. Tuition fees for postgraduate research students.

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2. If I study on a part-time basis how do I calculate my fees?

You'll be charged only for the modules you undertake each academic year as agreed with your faculty. Each module attracts a specific number of credits and the fees are calculated for each 10 credits you undertake. Please bear in mind that the underlying per 10 credit fee tariff normally increases each academic year during your period of study.

To find out the amount charged per 10 credits please visit the course or programme web page (see the answer to question 1 above).

3. How do I contact ELCAS for further information? 

Visit the ELCAS website

4. What is the University of Plymouth's Institution number?

Your ELCAS Authorisation Claim Note should have ‘University of Plymouth 1351’ stated on it in order for us to be able to claim your funding.

5. I have my Claim Authorisation Note (CAN), where do I need to send it?

Please email a copy to the tuition fees team at where staff will check the details and update your account to reflect the funding. Please note that CANs must be received as soon after your course start date as possible – if it is not received we may not be able to issue the invoice to ELCAS in sufficient time and your CAN may become void. In this event, the invoice to them will be cancelled and any/all of the outstanding tuition fee will be charged to you personally.

6. My ELCAS funding doesn’t cover my entire tuition fee, when do I need to pay the rest?

Please refer to the self-fee payer FAQ guide to find out all the information you should require.

Please note: you need to pay your portion of the fees first before we send an invoice to your sponsor. Therefore, please make full payment of your personal contribution as soon as possible. Late payment could result in your CAN becoming void and you would then become liable for the full tuition fee.

7. I have ELCAS funding, but I have received correspondence from the University about unpaid tuition fees – what should I do? 

The University may not be aware that you have ELCAS funding approved. Please email a copy of your Claim Authorisation Note to so that we can update your student record and account.

If your ELCAS funding does not cover the full amount of your tuition fee you need to refer to the self-fee payer FAQ guide to find out how and when to make payment of the remaining amount.

8. Can I use two ELCAS claims towards one academic year’s tuition fee?

No, ELCAS do not permit this. Only one Claim Authorisation Note per academic year will be accepted by the University.

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