Seed-Corn research scholarships

Santander universities Seed-Corn Research Scholarship enables the beneficiaries to undertake research underpinning their studies or teaching here at Plymouth University. Open to both postgraduates and staff these scholarships aim to encourage the development of new areas of research that are of global concern, prioritising ocean-renewable energy. 

Maozhou Meng

With the support of the Santander Universities Seed-Corn Research Scholarship, I have been able to finish my numeral analysis and computer aid design for the one-megawatt class marine turbine.

Maozhou applied to the Santander Universities Seed-Corn Research Scholarship whilst undertaking his PhD studies at Plymouth University.

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Ana Basanez

I feel more confident handling data about ocean energy as well as designing and implementing sampling projects for assessing the wave energy resource.

Ana undertook a research project on wave measurement, the culmination of her postgraduate study at Plymouth University.

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Isobel Swinscoe

Through the Santander Universities Scholarship I have been able to interpret satellite data imagery which has revealed that land clearance and significant catchment sources of sediment have moved to the coast.

Isobel's research particularly looked at how such environmental change would impact upon reef systems of small island developing states.

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