Sporting Excellence Scholar: Molly Humphreys

Sporting Excellence Scholarships enable Plymouth University students to realise their sporting and academic dreams, whilst representing the university and enhancing its sporting reputation at prestigious events, such as Varsity 2014, along their journey.

In March 2014, 19-year-old BSc (Hons) Psychology student Molly Humphreys from Swansea participated in the annual Varsity event during which Plymouth University and the University of Mark and St John went to head-to-head in 12 different university sporting events.

Plymouth University's Ladies Rugby Club secured a fantastic win at Plymouth Albion’s Brickfields, helping Plymouth University hold on to the title for the third consecutive year.

Sporting Excellence Scholarships

The stars of the future are being offered the opportunity to achieve their sporting and academic goals thanks to the Sporting Excellence Scholarship at University of Plymouth.

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