Sporting Excellence Scholarships for water-based sports

What are Sporting Excellence Scholarships?

If you are a University of Plymouth student studying a full-time degree level course whilst competing at an international level in a water based sport, such as swimming or sailing, you may be eligible to apply for one of our Sporting Excellence Scholarships. There are five awards of £800 available per scholar per year.

Applicants must meet our shortlisting criteria, and successful scholars are determined by a shortlisting panel based on the information and evidence provided in written applications. Students must re-apply annually.

If you are an international student who requires a Tier 4 visa please read our information regarding working restrictions on a Tier 4 visa. It is not usually possible for Tier 4 visa holders to apply for these scholarships due to these restrictions.

Shortlisting criteria

  • A world/international ranking (county rankings do not apply).
  • Selected by the respective National Governing Body to represent their country e.g. GB training camps.
  • Podium potential athletes or on route to be.
  • Have the ability to compete at the top competitive level e.g. Olympic or Paralympic Games.
  • Exceptional athlete that have already represented their country at an international level.
  • Supporting letter from Governing body.

How to apply

Our Sporting Excellence Scholarships inspire and enable you to achieve your sporting goals alongside your academic studies.

To apply for a Sporting Excellence Scholarship, please complete the application form, submitting with a sports portfolio (including media coverage and past achievements) plus a letter of support from your National Governing Body to:

Sporting Excellence Scholarships,
External Relations,
Hepworth House,
University of Plymouth,
Drake Circus, 

Sporting Excellence Scholarship application form


Applications for Sporting Excellence scholarships with the University of Plymouth must be submitted by:

Monday 2 March 2020 (outcome will be confirmed in early April)

Successful applicants will be awarded funds in November 2020.

Further information

Telephone: +44 1752 588000

“I chose the Navigation and Maritime Science course at Plymouth when I was 15 years old as the course content would help me in my sailing theory and provide me with a good level of education. The opportunity to study for a degree in a location known for its maritime history where I can sail and where my talents are recognised made Plymouth the ultimate choice for me.”

Previous Sporting Excellence Scholar: Lorenzo Chiavarini