Access to Learning Technology Grant 2020/21

The university recommends that all students have access to their own technology to access their programme in 2020/21, including the right hardware (e.g., a laptop), software, and connectivity (e.g., broadband).

If you’re purchasing a laptop, you should review the specifications listed below, but if you’re unsure about the requirements for your course, ensure that you ask your programme team before you buy anything:

  • Minimum specifications for basic processing (enabling the use of university web-based systems and general-purpose applications, such as Office 365): Intel Core i3, 8GB RAM, SSD storage, Full HD display or equivalent, Windows 10.
  • Recommended specifications for students intending to run a variety of software applications: Intel Core i5, 16GB RAM, SSD storage, Full HD display or equivalent, Windows 10.
  • Specialist specifications: if your programme requires the use of applications which are compute- or graphics-intensive (e.g., CAD, Gaming and Film/Design), you may need a higher specification computer. In this case, please contact your programme team for advice.

The university provides a remote desktop access service to PCs on campus. This enables students to access the majority of university software from their own device without travelling to campus.

If you have any questions, make sure to talk to your programme team.

Applying for the Access to Learning Technology Grant

If you find that obtaining the right technology is difficult for financial reasons, the university might be able to support you. We have a small fund available to award to new and returning students to access their course where they cannot afford the technology required. Through this grant, we may be able to help meet the costs of hardware (e.g., a laptop or keyboard) and/or an internet connection.

We only have limited funds, so please only apply if you need to, because doing so will affect the ability of others who may require help.

The Access to Learning Technology Grant is open for applications from 3 August 2020 to 4 October 2020, inclusive.

If you want to apply, please first ensure that you have completed your student enrolment. You can then complete the form to start your application. You will need to supply evidence of your bank statements, a supporting statement about how you will be funding your university experience (e.g., how you will be spending your student loan), and if you receive the grant, we will require a receipt after you have purchased your technology. Any laptops awarded may be purchased through the university’s supplier, Gtech. Failure to supply a receipt to the university (via email to Student Services) after your purchase may affect your enrolment at the university and ability to graduate.

We will only award the grant to students who demonstrate that they do not have sufficient funding for the right technology; all awards are subject to satisfactory budgeting and the highest award available is £650 for a laptop, £100 for WiFi and £100 for accessories.

To complete your application, you will need to provide details of all of your working bank accounts, as well as your most recent full-month bank statements for each account. Your application will not be assessed until we have received all relevant bank statements. Please have this information and your bank statement files ready before you begin to complete the form. There is no right of appeal against any award decisions made.

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Apply for the Access to Learning Technology Grant