Foundation level cognitive behavioural therapy skills (degree level) (HEAC349)

Key features

This 20 credit degree-level module will enable you to achieve foundation level competencies in assessing client difficulties and implementing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) interventions for individuals experiencing a range of common mental health problems. CBT is a talking therapy, with strong evidence based for addressing a wide range of metal health disorders.

You will gain the basic knowledge and practical skills necessary to practice CBT, under supervision, and achieve a working understanding of the contemporary theories, research and principles that underpin CBT treatments. The interventions taught are suitable for use in many clinical settings, to be used by professionals that employ a psychotherapeutic content to their work and are also clinically proven to be beneficial to large numbers of people. You will also develop an understanding of the contemporary theories, research and principles that underpin cognitive behavioural therapy.

Building on theory of the Introduction to CBT, this module will allow you to develop skills in this very sought after therapy and, combined with client hours accrued, demonstrates to employers that you can work effectively within the frame work of CBT. It can be used to enhance the diversity and effectiveness of existing positions and is also an excellent start for those wishing to take the first steps towards a career in therapy.

By the end of the course you will be able to safely apply techniques of CBT and assist clients to make positive changes in their lives by helping to lead them through a process of guided discovery that makes a positive and defined impact.

This module has been designed to follow the recognised framework of common therapeutic and CBT specific competencies (Roth and Pilling, 2008). The module teaching is geared towards developing your effective therapeutic practice and to complement your workplace clinical supervision.

This module is delivered by Devon Partnership NHS Trust in partnership with University of Plymouth.

Module code




FHEQ level

Level 6 - bachelors degree


Online delivery

<p>Foundation level cognitive behavioural therapy skills<br></p>

Course details

 On successful completion of this module you will be able to:
  • demonstrate a critical understanding of trans-diagnostic processes and cognitive – behavioural theories and principles required when working with clients with common mental health problems.
  • systematically utilise cognitive behavioural assessment strategies to construct coherent clinical formulations that describe and understand client mental health difficulties.
  • critically utilise underpinning psychotherapeutic principles to guide and inform clinical decision-making and appropriate cognitive behavioural interventions for addressing common mental health difficulties clients’ experience.
The assessment for this module is in two parts:
1. Completion of a practice portfolio.
2. A written case study.
(Please note that these assessment details are provisional - if you require further information please contact the module lead or the Professional Development Unit.)

Module dates

This module will not run in 2022.
**Please note that due to limited availability we unable to extend this course to those self-funding.**
Occasionally delivery dates might be subject to change, always check with the module lead or Professional Development Unit.
Please be aware that all modules run to minimum numbers. In the event that there are low numbers, this module may be rescheduled to an alternative date. Some modules are also subject to maximum numbers.
This module can be studied as a standalone module or or as an optional module towards our new BSc (Hons) Professional Development in Health and Social Carecourse and a number of associated pathways - please contact the Professional Development Unit for further information.

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.
  • Application forms. 
  • Change of name forms.
  • Pre-course information.
  • Downloadable guides.
  • Student card.

</p><h2>Admissions information </h2><p>Additional information and documentation required for the application process.</p><p>Access to application forms, download guides and confirmation information. </p><p>Visit our <a href="//">admissions homepage</a>. </p>


Module lead - Jamie Elston-Short

CBT is a wonderful way to put the power of recovery back into our patients’ hands

CBT interventions for mental health professionals (mood disorders) HERO IMAGE 1

Entry requirements

To be considered for a place on this module you must:

  • be a registered health and social care professional working in an area of practice that will allow you to meet the learning outcomes
  • have previously studied at level 5 (i.e. diploma of higher education or equivalent)
  • demonstrate a previous understanding of CBT.

Further information

For further information on module dates, entry requirements, fees and funding and how to apply please contact the relevant education coordinator for the organisation where you wish to undertake the module, see below contact details:

Devon Partnerships NHS Trust

Flora Rolfe