Children, young people and their families and the legal process (masters level) (ADV746)

Key features

This 20 credit masters-level module will enhance your knowledge and skills in working with children, young people and their families in the context of interventions with a legal component. 

You will develop your ability to engage with families in complex situations, using critical analysis to consider issues of rights, powers and duties and the promotion of welfare within a corporate parenting and legal framework.

You will increase your knowledge of the law and legal processes involved in safeguarding children and promoting their welfare as well as increasing your knowledge of current issues, policy issues and best practice when engaging with families where there are statutory requirements. 

You will also develop your analytical writing skills when presenting legal issues relating to children or families in a written or verbal form.

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Course details

On successful completion of this module you will be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the legal parameters for social work, and knowledge of child and family rights
  • demonstrate appreciation and accurate understanding of the legal and policy context through your written material
  • demonstrate knowledge of current research and theory relevant to safeguarding children and young people through legal intervention and use creative and critical thinking to apply it to practice
  • demonstrate a rigorous and comprehensive approach to assessment and planning for children, in the context of legal interventions
  • demonstrate skill in presenting information about complex cases in formal settings and the ability to carry out autonomous evaluation of your own and others’ performance.

This can be studied as a standalone module - please contact the Professional Development Unit for further information.


There are two parts to the assessment of this module:

1. a 2,000 word essay on the application of theory from the module on a case from your own practice in the form of a report suitable for a court or other formal setting

2. a peer assessed presentation moderated by the module lead.

(Please note that these assessment details are provisional - if you require further information please contact the module lead or the Professional Development Unit).

Module dates

The dates for the next delivery are to be confirmed.

Occasionally delivery dates might be subject to change, always check with the module lead or Professional Development Unit.

Please be aware that all modules run to minimum numbers. In the event that there are low numbers, this module may be rescheduled to an alternative date. Some modules are also subject to maximum numbers.

Admissions information 

Additional information and documentation required for the application process.
  • Application forms. 
  • Change of name forms.
  • Pre-course information.
  • Downloadable guides.
  • Student card.

</p><h2>Admissions information </h2><p>Additional information and documentation required for the application process.</p><p>Access to application forms, download guides and confirmation information. </p><p>Visit our <a href="//">admissions homepage</a>. </p>


Entry requirements

To be considered for a place on this module:

  • you must have previously studied to graduate level
  • you must be a registered health and social care professional or a health and social care worker

You'll be considered and advised individually (where required) by the programme team and Professional Development Unit. Please contact the PDU or programme lead if you have any queries regarding your situation.

Fees and funding


Please see our professional development module fees page.


Funding for this module may be available through your employing trust. Please contact your trust’s education coordinator in the first instance. If you work in the private, independent or voluntary sector, please contact your employer who will advise you accordingly.