Marine biology Clearing places 2018

Find marine biology courses available through Clearing at the University of Plymouth for September 2018 entry

If you're worried that you don't meet the entry requirements for your chosen course, or you want to check course availability, contact our Clearing hotline today:

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Marine biology at Plymouth

We’re lucky to have an incredibly diverse range of rich coastal habitats around the Devon and Cornwall coastline.

We offer three marine biology undergraduate courses, which are closely integrated and have the same entry requirements. In addition, we offer a Foundation year, which (upon successful completion) allows access to all three of our programmes.

Although they share common modules and the overall research-led teaching applies to each, there are important differences and we encourage you to read the course descriptions carefully and ask us for further advice if needed to help you choose the course that is most applicable to your interests and future career aspirations.

  • The unique ethos of each course is delivered during tutorials and field activities and especially during the second year field course and methods modules, where particular skills and approaches are developed.
  • Plymouth is a hub for activity for the study of marine life with an incredible concentration of internationally-renowned marine scientists, across several international organisations in the region.
  • Benefit from our exceptional Marine Station teaching and research facility that’s located on the shores of Plymouth Sound – part of our ‘Waterfront Campus’, with classrooms extending out into the natural environment.