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Explore the sea

From secluded sandy coves and wide open seas to tranquil rivers, the area offers more scope for sport and leisure than almost anywhere else in Britain.

Plymouth is the perfect location to take advantage of the waves and it's never too late to start surfing or sailing – the Mount Batten Centre offers watersports lessons to get you started.

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<p>Clearing 2017 John cutter surfing</p>
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University Sailing Team

Thriving festival scene

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University Summer Ball
<p>Port Eliot festival</p>
Experience music, art, literature, food and more at the Port Eliot Festival
DB student festival
MTV Crashes Plymouth

Discover Dartmoor

“I have never before, in my long and eclectic career, been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty as I experienced filming War Horse on Dartmoor.”

Steven Spielberg

  • 2 Dartmoor National park covers 360 square miles meaning that it's roughly the same size as London or about the same size as 20,000 football pitches.
  • 2 There are over 160 tors on Dartmoor. Tors are where the granite rock that is underneath Dartmoor shows through.
  • 2 There are places on Dartmoor where you can see the remains of villages where people lived and worked in the Bronze Age, 4,500 years ago.

Our students’ adventures

“It’s very hard to describe what it is like to live in Antarctica year round, as there is nothing quite like it.”

Graduate Zoe Waring experiences an Antarctic adventure every day as she strives to better understand climate change. Find out more about Zoe's story.

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“Being in the sea is my way of completely clearing my head of stress.” – Lauren's best ways to take a break
<p>Nina Relf square</p>
From shops and restaurants on the Barbican to the heritage of Mount Edgcumbe House, discover Nina's best places to visit
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Exploring the natural beauty of Devon and Cornwall as well as well honing her diving skills, discover Ankitha's adventures