Welcome To My Table

Your recipes and stories

The Welcome To My table project aims to show how food is a way to bring people together, creating a cookbook that not only produces great dishes but also gives a look behind the plate at the person who crafted it. 

With submissions open to the entire University community, we are hoping to receive a collection of different stories. This will mean that we can put together a beautiful book – created by the community for the community. We believe it is a way to see into the life and experiences of another, simultaneously raising awareness and a greater understanding of the connections Plymouth has to the rest of the world; we want to create a space and that celebrates and shares our international voice.

As a university that has students and staff from over a hundred different countries, we are a diverse and varying group of people. But, how many times a day do we walk past one another without considering who they really are and what life they’ve led?

Learning more about each other is at the very core of us appreciating the modern city of Plymouth we work, study and live in and allows us to tap into the vibrancy of those who live within it.

Our final aim is to raise some funds for a local cause and really help out the community as well as highlight its diversity.