Alcohol impact and responsible alcohol consumption

At the University of Plymouth our students enjoy all the benefits of living in a city on the coast – our campus is located in the centre of the city, with shops, accommodation and entertainment within easy walking distance, as well as the ocean and some of the country’s best beaches on our doorstep.

Both the University of Plymouth and the University of Plymouth Students’ Union are committed to making sure the lifestyle of students not only celebrates our region, but also promotes wellbeing, enabling students to obtain good degrees and enter graduate life with the skills and attributes they need to succeed.

One important part of promoting the wellbeing of our community is ensuring responsible consumption amongst those members of our student body who choose to drink alcohol. We know that drinking socially can be part of student life, however we’re working hard to shape new attitudes, recognising that excessive consumption of alcohol may detrimentally impact students’ health and academic success.

The Students’ Union bar has a range of initiatives 

  • We follow the ‘Ask Angela’ scheme, giving students a safe and discreet way to ask for help.A ‘Drink Aware Crew’ attend the bar on Friday and Saturday nights, identifying students who might need help and offering free water to students.
  • A ‘Safe Taxi Scheme’ in partnership with a local firm, ensuring students never have to walk home by allowing them to charge their taxi fare to their student card and pay the following day.
  • No drinks promotions.

Our work to promote responsible drinking

  • The Students’ Union has adopted a Safe Drinking Policy, raising awareness and outlining our approach to safe and responsible alcohol consumption, ensuring students can make informed choice
  • The campus is a safe environment for students to socialise; we offer alcohol-free halls of accommodation and none of our halls have bars
  • Where a student is in need of support because of alcohol use, we have a range of Wellbeing Services available including counselling and mental health support
  • We promote alcohol-free events and we’ve banned alcohol-related ‘initiations’ in all clubs and societies
  • We comply with all legislation ensuring alcohol is not served to persons clearly intoxicated or to anyone less than 18 years of age
  • Where we receive reports of inappropriate behaviour impacting the wellbeing or safety of others, we investigate these and take action to prevent recurrence.

  • A James Warren - VP Welfare, University of Plymouth Students' Union
  • A Velu Balasubramanian - Director of Commercial Services, University of Plymouth Students' Union
  • A Professor Julian Chaudhuri - Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Education and Student Experience, University of Plymouth

Plymouth scoops the title of 'Best Overall Scheme' in the national Best Bar None awards for 2017

"We have won the award for being the safest and most enjoyable place for a night out in the UK."

Jay McDonnell – chairman of Best Bar None Plymouth

Best Bar None's mission statement is: to reduce alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour. To increase business, through the delivery of training, education and promotion of best practice, and to create a partnership between the local authority, the police, the trade and the private sector to broaden the appeal of an area more especially it’s evening and night time economy.

Find out more about the award

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