Support for new External Examiners (taught programmes)

Getting started

Once your appointment has been approved by the University, we'll send you an appointment letter and contract(s) setting out the details of your appointment(s) and honorarium to be paid.

Key documents

Please familiarise yourself with the following documents as part of your induction to the role of External Examiner, found at Academic Regulations:

You can also browse our links to other useful information and view the documents below:

Subject/programme level briefing

The faculty/partner will also send you subject/programme level information to support you in your role. Find out more about what you should expect to receive in subject/programme level briefing.

Appointment of a mentor

In some cases the appointment of a mentor may be a condition of appointment. Requirements for mentoring sets out the circumstances when a mentor is required and offers guidance on the role.

Home Office checks

If you're a new External Examiner you'll need to submit documentary evidence confirming your right to work in the UK, to ensure the University is compliant with Home Office regulations. For more information please see Guidance for nominees on the University’s procedure for checking External Examiners right to work in the UK.