External Examiners' honorarium and expenses claim forms (taught programmes)

Honorarium and expenses claim forms

Please download the relevant claim forms from the options below and return them to the email address listed on the front page of the form. If you are unsure which is the correct faculty please contact Rachel Mace at rachel.mace@plymouth.ac.uk.

The claim forms are updated each year so please ensure that you download the most up to date version/s from this site.

For an expenses claim form for the External Examiners’ Conference, please contact Rachel Mace at rachel.mace@plymouth.ac.uk.

How much can I claim?


The honorarium you'll be paid is set out in your contract. It is calculated based on the number of modules to be covered and the credit rating of these modules.

If you have any queries about your honorarium please contact the relevant Faculty Quality Administrator (contact details below).

You'll be paid once we've received your required report/s and signed honorarium claim form.

Travelling to Plymouth

Plan your visit with maps and information about travel options

The University is a few minutes’ walk from Plymouth Railway Station.

Guidance notes for expenses claims

The scales below indicate the limit to which the University will normally reimburse expenses relating to travelling and subsistence – external examiners attending the University are therefore asked to submit their claims accordingly. All expenses must be supported by original itemised receipts or original travel tickets that clearly identify what has been paid.

Claims should be submitted within three months of returning from travel unless there are legitimate reasons for late submission. All claims must be submitted within 1 month of the financial year i.e. 31 July to which they relate.

The maximum amounts that can be claimed for subsistence are specified against the relevant categories on the claim form. If your claim exceeds the limit you will receive payment at the maximum, not at the higher figure claimed.


  • Air travel, car hire and first-class train travel must be approved in advance.

Train fare
  • Standard return fare; ticket or receipt required showing route and fare.

  • Rail travel must be booked at the most economical fare available for the journey. Open tickets should not be purchased, with the exception of where rail travel is an onward journey, for example after a flight, where delays may be possible.

  • Receipts required

Tube fare
  • Tickets/receipts or Oyster card journey history required


  • For the first 100 miles per journey*, 45p per mile, thereafter 25p per mile
*a journey is defined as a continuous period away from home.


  • The daily subsistence rate is up to £40 and covers breakfast, lunch and evening meals. Claimants should consider which meals it is reasonable to claim for depending on the time away.
  • Itemised receipts required. Tips may be claimed up to 10% of restaurant bills if supported by an invoice or credit card receipt.


  • The University will reimburse expenses that have been incurred up to the above limits, on production of receipts. We regret that we are unable to reimburse expenditure on incidentals such as telephone bills, newspapers and in-house movies. Please settle these bills with the hotel before leaving.

Honorarium Claims

  • Your honorarium should be claimed on the separate honorarium claim form.

Return of Claim Forms

  • Please send your completed claim forms to the address listed on the form.

Itemised receipts or original travel tickets must be provided in accordance with HMR&C regulations, otherwise, expenses cannot be claimed. Under the University’s financial regulations, credit card receipts are not acceptable. 

This guidance can be downloaded below.