Central Quality Office

What do we do?

Quality assurance and enhancement
  • Key contact for the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) co-ordinating responses to relevant consultations.
  • Supporting the University's compliance with OfS registration.
  • Support the development of new collaborative initiatives.
Approval and review
  • Develop guidance for approval and review processes.
  • Manage Periodic Review events across the University and our partners.
  • Manage approval events for our partners.
Quality Assurance Handbook: Taught Programmes
External Examining
  • Manage the appointment of External examiners and advise on their reporting requirements.
  • Produce an annual overview of the issues raised in External Examiners’ reports.
Other responsibilities
  • Maintain the University of Plymouth Registers of Collaborative Academic Partnerships and Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PRSBs).
  • Work closely with a range of key University committees and sub-committees including:
    • Academic Development and Partnerships Committee 
    • University of Plymouth International College Strategic Partnership Management Board and Academic Advisory Committee
    • External Examiners’ Sub-Committee
    • Teaching, Learning and Quality Committee
    • Academic Regulations’ Sub-Committee.
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