Tilda Fraser

Tilda Fraser is the Vice-President of Welfare and Diversity of the University of Plymouth Student’s Union (UPSU). She has always been passionate about well-being, liberation and sustainability, which led her to run for this role. She was elected based on a manifesto which encompassed student mental health, liberation groups, and student empowerment. A key point of her manifesto was to train students on how to effectively, and safely, signpost their fellow peers to the mental, physical, and sexual health services they need.

Originally from Oxford, Tilda has been at Plymouth now for four years. She completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology at Plymouth and stayed on to do a masters, which focused specifically on clinical psychology. She is working towards completing a doctorate in clinical psychology in the future. During her time here as a student, she was the Vice-Chair of the Student Minds Society, which championed student mental health on campus and nationally. She has volunteered at psychiatric wards and in community-based disability projects in Indonesia, giving her insight into cultural differences in wellbeing and community.