Is a genius born or made? Where did the idea of 'the artist' originate? What is the impact of the Cold War on British culture? What was the experience of war actually like?

From world history to art, culture and science, our all-year round talks programme offers you the opportunity to engage with world-renowned specialists and researchers, who are providing new insight and perspectives into contemporary culture, society and history.

Explore material culture with anthropology experts

From the use of plant materials in design to the effect society has on technological development, our series of talks on cultural anthropology investigate the nature and extent of our diversity as a species. By examining the commonalities of humans across the world, we can ultimately discover more about ourselves.

Woodcarvers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Images courtesy of Dr Alanna Cant

Woodcarvers in Oaxaca, Mexico. Images courtesy of Dr Alanna Cant

The Historical Association

The Historical Association is a national charity supporting the study and enjoyment of history. The Plymouth branch has linked up with the history department of the University to deliver a joint programme of talks within The Arts Institute public programme.

Across the season a number of invited guests give insightful talks to audiences who share an interest in the past and of history in all forms.