Feminist Matters: The Body Politic

‘What Lies Beneath’, Karen Abadie, installation at Theorem exhibition, Ruskin Gallery

  • Jill Craigie Cinema, ground floor of the Roland Levinsky Building

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Convened by Dr Kayla Parker, this panel responds to the feminist (re)turn to materiality and explores the diverse range of moving image research being undertaken by women artist-researchers at University of Plymouth. 

The ‘personal is political’ is recognised as the slogan of the women’s movement and second-wave feminism, which resonates in the power relationships of the the 21st century that play out through social relationships, subjective experiences and contemporary feminist practices. 

The five speakers aim to expand critical dialogue about representing the feminine through presenting their body-centred creative practice experiments in moving image, installation and photography. 

Each contributor will present and discuss a piece of practice research that embodies or explores pertinent themes, such as the body and materiality, corporeal practices, and the everyday lived experience of womanhood; the five presentations will be followed by a panel discussion which will be opened out to include the audience.

When: Wednesday 6 March 2019 14.00–15.30.
Where: Jill Craigie Cinema
Presenters: Karen Abadie, Gail Flockhart, Kayla Parker, Marjan Saberi, Linda Ward.

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