Everywhere: Life in a littered world


Tejal Shah

Landfill Dance




In Tejal Shah’s video, a group of white clad women perform amidst the human-made landscape of a landfill site. Dressed in costumes patterned with printed cockroaches and adorned with fancy accessories made from found materials, their performance is a kind of fable, one which tries to imagine a new cosmology for dwelling amidst the mess we humans have made. The dancers move slowly through the tangled complexity of the site, behind which rises high rise buildings and urban sprawl. The birds that hover and swoop, the flapping of loose material atop huge waste mounds and the swirling eddies of dust that rise and dissipate all become integral parts of the work’s choreography. When archaeologists of the future come to excavate this site, perhaps they will wonder what rituals might have accompanied our relationship with so much muddled matter.