Everywhere: Life in a littered world


Talking about litter


Curators’ talk

Curators Joanne Lee and Rosemary Shirley explore the exhibition’s themes of scale and entanglement, considering the ways in which the artists’ works reveal, rethink and reimagine our relationships with discarded material. 

The talk was recorded during a live online event hosted by The Arts Institute on Monday 23 November 2020


Hear from scientists involved in MICRO 2020

The problem of plastic waste

Richard Thompson, University of Plymouth 

Micro and nano plastics in the environment

Denise Mitrano, ETH Zurich

Ocean currents and plastic litter

Erik van Sebille, Utrecht University

Plastic's impacts on wildlife

Amy Lusher, Norwegian Institute for Water Research

The history and aims of the MICRO conference

Beth Jorgensen, Cornell University

Human behaviour and plastic

Sabine Pahl, University of Plymouth