Everywhere: Life in a littered world


Peter Nencini

Feed in haste but digest at leisure




Peter Nencini’s visual sequence starts from the meeting between a plastic bag and a snail and goes on to construct a constellation of images which range in scale from the micro-encounter to the machinations of global capitalism. The images and their relationships explore the intertwining of human and non-human, consumption and waste, production and reproduction. The discarded ‘bag for life’ is temporarily occupied by the snail and the Fibonacci spiral of its shell mirrors in turn the curved form of a prosaic sausage roll, once produced by Guy the Morrisons baker whose name badge and dismembered image forms part of the bag’s design. When further scrutinised, this design reveals itself as a deconstructed dandelion and a wholesome countrified gingham, bringing us back once again to the hedgerow or grass verge where such items are so frequently discarded.