Everywhere: Life in a littered world




D. Taylor


D.Taylor records the familiar yet strangely unidentifiable fragments of litter often encountered in everyday life. Shown in image pairs to which are ascribed esoteric titles, this mundane flotsam hints at unknown worlds lurking beyond the streets on which they occur. Words and numbers shift context, forms echo or contradict, and twisted string and plastic become letters from unfathomable languages which spell out unexpected or disturbing messages. Here, litter is a scrying medium for those who know how to read it. Perhaps a particular fate will be told by the way knots or dismembered hanks have fallen to the ground? Perhaps the future might be divined in the conjunction of a black triangle and a blue loop?



      apollo - blue loop



      different ways of saying the same thing



      important message from the litter spirits



      red heart---green heart



      the door to the underworld is open



      the indecipherable names of gutter demons



      the unpronounceable names of gutter demons



      two litter sigils to induce lucid dreaming