Book Festival: CogTalk - Immersive Worlds and the Line between Fact and Fiction
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As part of the 2014 Plymouth International Book Festival, this month’s CogTalk will explore new forms of media and storytelling, where the virtual and real world collide!

Join Dr David Carmel, Henry Jasper (Grublin Games) and James Brocklehurst as they discuss, amongst other things, how has story-telling changed in the digital age? What happens to the narrative when the reader or player is part of the story, how our cognitive functions are affected by story-telling and why is it we all love a good old fashioned yarn?

As part of this talk we also invite you to take part in a special audio game Neurotic, designed by CogNovo research fellow Michael Straeubig, which you can play on your way to the talk. Neurotic is a playful locative audio experience that creates a dynamic soundscape by simulating activation patterns in an artificial neural network. Each individual neuron is represented by a player moving through the city. As the distances between players are constantly changing, the firing rates of the neurons adapt, triggering different sounds and influencing audio parameters that reflect the distribution of the players' locations. Neurotic currently runs on Android devices and requires an internet connection while playing. Visitors of the CogTalk are invited to download the app for free and run it on their way to the talk. 

Come and play our specially commissioned participative virtual game, suitable for all ages, and then join the debate in the real-world.

17.00 - Neurotic will be live from this time

18:30 - CogTalk starts

Location: Jill Craigie Cinema, Roland Levinsky Building, University of Plymouth

Free admission and all welcome. Booking is essential (please book via the University Ticket Office).

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About the speakers

James Brocklehurst is a lecturer in communication arts and Programme Leader for Graphic Communication with Typography at the University of Plymouth; his work explores the impact of digital interactivity on graphic narratives. He has produced, along with colleague Emma Whittaker, a specially commissioned participative mobile game for the book festival, which can be experienced now in Plymouth City Museum.

David Carmel is a Cognitive Neuroscientist from the University of Edinburgh with an interest in storytelling. Henry Jasper is a games designer and Director of Grublin Games, which has produced the successful Cornish Smuggler board game. 

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