Researcher toolkit workshop two: how to get the most out of your supervisor

'How to get the most out of your supervisor' is the second workshop in a set of five that constitutes the University of Plymouth researcher toolkit. 

The PhD supervisory relationship is quite unique and can take many different forms. Inevitably, your supervisor will play a crucial role in your PhD experience, and so of course, you will want to have a good relationship with them. Our aims for this session are to:

  • consider exactly what you want to get out of your supervisor
  • gain a deeper understanding of the supervisory relationship and learn how best to manage it
  • learn how to communicate effectively and assertively with your supervisor(s)
  • learn how to recognise and manage constructive and non-constructive criticism.

Our workshops are delivered twice during the academic year and repeated as a webinar.

Resources for workshop two

Researcher toolkit web resources for workshop and webinar leaders