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Missed your Library induction session – or just need a refresher? Watch our video which gives an overview of the University Library.

And here are answers to the most frequently asked questions when people first start using the library.

If you are feeling anxious about coming in to the library, don't worry - we can arrange for a library buddy to meet you outside and run through the first steps.

Top tips

We asked current students for their top tips on getting the most out of the library - this is what they said.

The University of Plymouth wants to give you the best start to your first year of student life.

Through the University of Plymouth eTextbooks scheme, over 80% of first-year undergraduates, receive their core reading in eTextbook format at no extra charge. 

We recognise that being a student today can be expensive and we want to address the hidden costs of buying core titles needed to start your studies in higher education. 

We ensure each student has access to the same material by giving our first-year students a package of eTextbooks worth £150 on average. 

These titles are carefully selected by your lecturer and embedded into your learning experience through your Moodle site.

Primo – your essential library catalogue search tool

You can access Primo on any device by going to

It is also available on the University App – Mobile with the University of Plymouth.

Watch the video to get started with finding your subject specific resources

Library and IT essentials course

This course is packed with information about the Library and IT services available to you as a University of Plymouth student.

Library and IT essentials course

Our team of Information Specialists and their subject areas

  • Academic Engagement Manager
    Plymouth Institute of Education
  • Senior Information Specialist
    Art, Design, Architecture
  • Senior Information Specialist
    Engineering, Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • Senior Information Specialist
    Business, Management, Hospitality and Tourism
  • Senior Information Specialist
    Nursing and Midwifery
  • Information Specialist
    Law, Criminology, Government, Computing, Electronics, Mathematics
  • Information Specialist
    Health Professions
  • Information Specialist
    Humanities, Performing Arts, Plymouth Institute of Education
  • Information Specialist
  • Information Specialist
    Biological & Marine Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences
  • Biomedical and Healthcare Sciences, Dentistry, Medicine