Ticket and booking information

Booking for all ceremonies will close before you receive your results. Please book in anticipation of successful completion of your course. If you do not successfully complete in time for your ceremony you will be given a full refund on all tickets purchased.

Ticket prices

(July and September ceremonies)

Graduating student: free of charge
0-6 years old: free of charge
7-12 years old: £15.00 each
13 years old and over: £30.00 each

How to purchase

Please see below for the exact date that you will be able to register your attendance and purchase your guest tickets:

  • We hope to open booking for the February 2021 ceremonies in October 2020.

Booking instructions will be emailed to eligible students approximately one week before booking opens.

Ticket limits

We aim to ensure that all students who book within the booking period can purchase a minimum of two guest tickets. 

The maximum number of guest tickets available is dependent on the number of eligible students and varies on a ceremony by ceremony basis. Please visit your ceremony page for more information. 

Ticket limits are based on estimated graduate numbers. As a result the ticket limit may be amended prior to booking opening to reflect this.

If you wish to purchase tickets in excess of the limit of your ceremony you can add yourself to a waiting list during the ticket booking process. We will contact you after booking has closed if any unsold tickets are available.

Please note: If demand is higher than expected, the maximum number of tickets available to new enquirers may be reduced to ensure that those yet to book can purchase a minimum of two guest tickets. Once you have completed the booking process, all of the tickets purchased, and detailed in your confirmation email, are guaranteed.

Useful ticket information

  • Graduands are required to sit in their allocated seat.
  • Guest seating is not reserved.
  • Students and their guests must be seated 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  • Tickets will not be posted and must be collected from the ticket table in the graduation lounge no later than 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  • If you, or any of your guests require special arrangements please indicate this when booking your tickets online.

Refund of graduation tickets

In order to obtain a refund on tickets purchased you need to contact the Graduation Team no later than the date stated on your invitation email. If you are unsuccessful following a referred or deferred decision this deadline does not apply. However, you will still need to email us with the details below so that we can process your refund. Please submit your request by email to graduation@plymouth.ac.uk and include the following information:

  • your name
  • your registration number
  • your telephone number
  • your booking reference
  • the date and time of your ceremony
  • how many tickets you would like refunded
N.B: For refunds for gown hire please contact  J Wippell and Company direct.