Official photography and DVD

Tempest Graduation Photography is the official photographer for the ceremonies, and will have studios located in the main marquee.

Tempest offer a "proof on the day" service which means that you do not need to pre-book.

To view a list of packs, frames and products available please visit or view their special Plymouth University flyer:

Tempest Photography flyer

"Class of" photographs
Tempest are pleased to be able to offer Plymouth University graduates an official “class of” photograph.

Large “class of” group photographs can be ordered on the day (at a discount).  Please see Tempest staff or cashiers.

Alternatively the 'class of' photographs may be ordered and viewed approximately seven to ten days later on Tempest's 'group' order website  Simply type 'Plymouth' into the search box.

Graduation DVD
Visions Unlimited specialises in multi camera coverage of events, the first to offer the completed product on the same day. They will have a stand located in the post-ceremony reception marquee.

You can pre-order your commemorative graduation DVD by visiting: or if you prefer, purchase it on the day.

Plymouth university gift collection

You can also purchase or order these on the day.  All garments are FAIRTRADE and organic.

University gifts such as scarves, clothing and teddies are available for you to purchase at your graduation ceremony, but you can also view and order items from Plymouth University Student's Union online shop.

Plymouth University online shop