Results guidance: N2 – year 0 awarded credits

Find out more about an N2 results code

We regret that you are unable to proceed any further with your current programme.

If you wish you may approach the Admissions Tutor for your chosen degree and ask if they would be willing to consider you for progression, but this is not guaranteed as you have not reached the required overall aggregate. Alternatively, you might wish to seek admission to a Foundation Degree at one of our Partner Colleges.

For more information and for more detail to accompany the brief points below, please read about your results, how to find them, and what they mean.

Confirmation of marks
Please see the above link for a detailed explanation of the policies and procedures leading to the publication of your results.

If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Award Assessment Board, you will need to do so within 10 working days after publication.  Please check our appeal deadlines page for more information.

Extenuating circumstances
If you have submitted valid extenuating circumstances during the year, these will have been considered by the Award Assessment Board.

If you have passed a module but have valid EC’s for non-submission of an assessment (either standard EC’s or as part of the safety net), you may request a same attempt referral by emailing your faculty office at the address below. Please be aware that any referral will be in the entire element; as such your marks may go down as well as up. Marks already achieved for that element will be overwritten. The deadline for requesting a referral attempt is Monday 26 July 2021.

Outstanding debts
If you have any outstanding debts with the University, you may be unable to receive any award due to you. Please contact Finance & Sustainability on 01752 588130 or email

What next?
Your tutors will be able to advise you on any other programmes that may be suitable for you. You may wish to speak to Personal or Careers Counsellors or UPSU (Welfare) for further advice. You are also advised to contact any fee sponsors regarding your funding.

If you have any further questions, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.