Results guidance: G1 Repeating (Expecting to Complete)

Find out more about a G1 Repeating (Expecting to Complete) results code

You have not passed all of your modules.

You have been invited to repeat modules with attendance over the next academic year.


Please take a careful look at your transcript. View a key to the codes.

A three-letter code beginning with F next to one or more modules indicates that you must repeat the module. The other two letters indicate whether the repeat is as a same (S) or next (N) attempt, and what needs to be repeated.

Results codes diagram G1


An element is coursework, examination, practice, in-class test or pass/fail assessment.

Here are some examples:

FNO means that you must repeat all elements of the module with attendance over another academic year and this would be regarded as your next attempt.

FNS means that you must repeat the specified elements with attendance over another academic year and this would be regarded as your next attempt.


For more information about repeat results and for more detail to accompany the brief points below, please read about your results, how to find them, and what they mean.


  • Appeals. If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Award Assessment Board, you will need to do so within 10 working days after publication. Appeal Deadlines.
  • Extenuating circumstances. If you have submitted valid extenuating circumstances during the year, these will have been considered by the Award Assessment Board.

  • Outstanding debts. If you have any outstanding debts with the University, you may be unable to repeat your modules, receive any award or attend the graduation ceremony. Please contact Finance & Sustainability on 01752 588130 or email

  • International Students on Tier 4 visas. You must contact the International Student Advice team to check that you have enough time remaining on your visa to complete your studies and any other restrictions.


If you do not wish to repeat modules over the next academic year, you may:

  • Interrupt your studies. Interruption of studies means taking a year or more out from your studies but remaining registered on your programme. Subject to a ‘maximum period of registration’, you could later resume your studies. To discuss this option, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.

On receipt of your email, a new transcript will be available. Please note the following:

  • Referral Arrangements – Your faculty will send you instructions on how to download and submit your tasks. We would have to receive all of your completed referral tasks by the formal deadline. Your Faculty will contact you with further information.

  • Graduation Ceremony. If you become entitled to an award upon withdrawal, you may be eligible to attend your school’s graduation ceremony. You will receive an email when booking is due to open. Read more about graduation.
If you have any further questions, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.