Results guidance: D1 Deferred

Find out more about a D1 Deferred results code

You have not yet passed all of your modules.

Please take a careful look at your transcript. There is a key to the codes used on the reverse.

The DF code against the module indicates that a decision on a module has been deferred.

You will see from your transcript that the Award Assessment Board’s decision has been deferred. Please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College for further information.

  • Appeals. If you wish to appeal against the decision of the Award Assessment Board, you will need to do so within 10 working days after publication. Appeal Deadlines.

  • Extenuating circumstances. If you have submitted valid extenuating circumstances during the year, these will have been considered by the Award Assessment Board.

  • Outstanding debts. If you have any outstanding debts with the University, you may be unable to receive your award or attend the graduation ceremony. Please contact Finance & Sustainability on 01752 588130 or email

If you have any further questions, please contact your faculty or the Doctoral College.