Repeating modules


If you do not meet the pass criteria of a module and referral is not permitted, normally because of failure in too many credits, the module must be retaken in its entirety during the next academic year. The standard term for this is ‘repeat’.

A repeat decision by the Award Assessment Board means you cannot progress to the next stage of your programme in September, or in the case of a final year student, cannot graduate this year. Instead you must remain on the same stage for the forthcoming academic year and repeat the not achieved modules in their entirety.

Your transcript will detail any modules that you are required to repeat. You will need to carefully check the module decision code in the result column against any N not achieved modules.  

Please note you cannot retake modules already passed to improve the mark.

Please note:

  • Normally, any marks for elements or components of elements previously undertaken will not be carried forward.
  • Marks for the overall module mark will be capped at the pass mark (normally 40% for undergraduate and 50% for postgraduate), unless, due to extenuating circumstances, the Award Assessment Board decided you can repeat the module as if for the first time.
  • If the module is not running in the next academic year, you will be required to take an alternative module (capping will still apply).
  • The maximum number of attempts students are allowed at a module is defined in the University regulations. If you repeat an alternative module, the number of attempts at the original module will count towards the maximum number of attempts at the alternative module.
  • Additional information on repeats and referrals for students holding a Student (formerly Tier 4) visa.