Reassessment, referral and repeating modules

The following information has been gathered together to help to answer any questions that you may have regarding reassessment.

The subjects covered in this page include:

  • Reassessment: what happens if I don't meet the requirements to progress to the next stage?
  • Referral: this term is commonly used to describe reassessments that take place before the start of the next academic year, therefore giving you the best chance of progressing to the next stage
  • Repeating modules: sometimes you may be required, or request to repeat an entire module during the following academic year

We've also included links to other information that you may find useful on subjects including graduation, enrolment and withdrawal.

Referral or repeat?

If you haven’t achieved the results you need to progress to the next stage, or be eligible for an award, you will need to complete a reassessment.

Your reassessment will take one of two forms, referred or repeat assessment, depending on the number of credits failed. The standard limit for allowing reassessment by referral is failure in no more than 60 credits at undergraduate level and 60 credits at postgraduate taught level. Failure in more than this would normally mean the modules have to be repeated in their entirety the following academic year.

Please note:

  • Modules already passed cannot be reassessed.
  • This is subject to a maximum number of attempts at a module and the maximum period of registration as defined in the University Regulations.
  • Electronic submission (eSubmission) via Moodle is the preferred method of submission for all suitable assessments. The assignment brief must clearly state the requirements for eSubmission including any required file format. If no specific format is requested, the default is that work must be submitted in a format that can be read by the standard software provided by the University (UWSS). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that work is submitted in a correct format and is readable. Work that is submitted in a format other than that requested, or is found to be unreadable, will receive a zero mark. Where assignments are set up for eSubmission, students cannot submit a hard copy instead.
  • Students subject to immigration control should be aware that there may be additional restrictions on their progression. In particular, if you have been advised to leave the UK and that we have stopped sponsoring you under a Student visa (formerly Tier 4), please be aware that any appeal being upheld does not mean that you should remain in the UK , or re-enter the UK without being instructed to do so. If your appeal has been upheld your Student visa (formally Tier 4) time limit and other conditions for sponsoring you further under a student visa will now have to be considered. You must now contact Student Services to check the specifics of your situation. They can be contacted by email at or by telephone at
    +44 1752 587676. Further support can be found on our advice for international students webpage.

Requirement to withdraw from programme of study

If the Award Assessment Board has decided that you cannot continue on your course this may be because you have reached the maximum number of attempts at a module or the maximum period of registration.

If you have been warned about poor engagement with the programme and there is a record of a lack of attendance, the Award Assessment Board may decide that it is not in your best interests to continue with your studies.

If you are required to leave a programme, where eligible, the Board will make an exit award which will be detailed on the transcript.

If the Award Board has decided you cannot continue on your current programme of study you should think carefully about what you would like to do. If you would like to discuss your options contact your Personal Tutor or Programme Lead of the programme you are exiting as they may be able to give advice on a suitable alternative programme to apply for. Research degree students, please contact your Research Degree supervisor or school PGR Coordinator. Please note that if you are exiting a programme due to the Board making a ‘fail, must withdraw’ decision, you will not be able to reapply for a programme in the same subject area.

The Careers Service would be able to advise on further study or career options. The Student Hub and UPSU (Advice) are available to give support if required.

Students are advised to contact any fee sponsors regarding funding