Children’s short break unit

The short break unit provides care and support to children and young adults with high health needs and a learning disability, e.g. severe epilepsy, communication and mobility problems. The team works closely with families and carers of the children who attend the unit, encouraging them to develop skills and experiences in a positive, caring environment.

Key learning opportunities/skills development

  • Epilepsy management and the administration of rescue medication.
  • Administration of medication and prescribed feeds via gastrostomy, jejunostomy and nasogastric tubes.
  • Developing skills in communication with people who have limited communication skills.
  • Holistic assessment of needs, including the assessment of risk.
  • Personal care skills
  • Planning and implementation of care, including the management of risk.
  • Clinical decision making.
  • Communication and MDT working.
  • Medication management.
  • Record keeping.