Advice from students

Hannah Snell, BSc (Hons) Nursing (Adult)

Hannah Snell, second year Adult Nursing student and PALS Lead has written her five top tips:

1. Ring your placement two weeks prior to starting.
2. Pre-read around your speciality and complete preparation work in ePADs.
3. Make sure you know where your placement is, what time they start, where to park, and if you are required to wear a uniform.
4. If a uniform is required you'll need to ensure you are aware of what the local uniform policy states and act in line with it.
5. Always arrive prepared. Ensure you have a pen as that is one thing you will need. I also advise taking a note pad in case you need to write anything down or if you're unsure of something and want to remember it to look it up at a later date.

University of Plymouth Students Union

Embarking on your first placement can be pretty daunting—but don’t panic! Everyone is in the same boat.
We have asked you and your fellow students for your top-tips about how best to survive your placement, and this booklet is the result!
Inside, you’ll find lots of quotes from your peers and other advice to help you throughout your time away on placement.

Just remember:
“It really isn't that bad. You’re not alone.”

UPSU Placement Survival Guide

Student PALS Lead

The student PALs lead has created a powerpoint presentation entitled "Placement - it's not that scary.."

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