Acute children and young people's ward

Children and young peoples' surgical area

Examples of surgical procedures: ENT, Urology, Dermatology and Orthopaedic

Skills that can be developed in this area:

  • Pre-operative preparation of children and young people including play and distraction.
  • Post-operative care, vital signs, A-E Assessment.
  • Clinical decision making.
  • Skills to recognise the deteriorating child or young person.
  • Communication, information sharing and health promotion.
  • Medicine management and pain relief.

Acute children's medical wards

Examples of medical conditions: Respiratory, cardiac and gastrointestinal, also caring for children and young people with chronic/long term conditions.

Skills that can be developed in this area:

  • Communicating with the child and family.
  • Aspects of infant care.
  • Care planning and onward treatment.
  • Vital signs and the assessment of the sick child.
  • Understanding investigations and the implications of results on changing treatments.
  • Nutrition, hydration and elimination needs of infants, children and young people.