Optional placements for midwifery students

The optional placement can only be undertaken during the final four week period at the end of the third year.

Those who do not wish to undertake an optional placement, will remain in their allocated placement.

Final decision for attendance of optional placement will be made at the Award Board.

Students will have:

  • successfully completed all practice assessments for year three
  • provisionally passed all theory components or have been referred in one module only
  • achieved all EU requirements

Midwifery students will not be able to attend an optional placement if significant practice hours are outstanding prior to placement, which will normally be the equivalent of ten days or more.


  • Students will have successfully completed or have provisionally passed all practice assessments/practice episode records for year two.
  • Students with outstanding academic modules need to exercise their discretion as to whether it is appropriate to attend an optional placement. Cancellation of any optional placement already arranged must be made in writing to the programme administration team and potential host placement contact.

Organising your placement

Please arrange to discuss your plans with your personal tutor (see below)
  • Optional placements can only be arranged during the final four weeks of the third year.
  • The optional placement is organised and wholly funded by the student. When calculating costs students must consider accommodation, travel and all daily living costs. Students who are eligible for Learning Support Funding may be eligible for NHS financial support for travel and accommodation during their optional placement. Further information is available on the NHS Business Services Authority website
  • Students should make the initial contact with the placement area with whom they wish to undertake an optional placement, then complete the application form online before the deadline shown on the form.

Administrative requirements for your placement

There are processes that programme administration undertake with the prospective placement before approval of the optional placement. Students may be asked to expedite this process.
Activity Rationale
Check CQC report and Placement Educational Audit is up to date Is conducive to student placements
Arrange for a workplace agreement / honorary contract to be put in place This is a contract between the University and placement provider and forms part of compliance arrangements. Without this agreement you cannot start placement
That there is Practice Supervisor to support the student To ensure that NMC standards are met
Record placement on POW To ensure funding arrangements are maintained and timesheet hours are recorded.

How to apply

Complete the electronic application form (within 'Placement Information')

The application form must be completed by the deadline detailed on the form.

Students will receive provisional notification via the programme administrator within four weeks of receipt of their application that they may proceed with their optional placement, subject to final confirmation from the respective Award Assessment Board.

If a student is unable, for any reason, to undertake their pre-arranged optional placement, they must contact their personal tutor or programme administrator at the earliest opportunity.

Justice Works

During optional placement

Students must complete:

  • an updated learning plan in their OAR, having initially agreed this with their practice assessor and/or personal tutor, which is subsequently discussed with their optional placement practice supervisor

Students are required to arrange to discuss their experience, their optional placement record, reflection and learning plan with their personal tutor at the end of the placement.

For further information and advice please discuss with your personal tutor.