Non-medical prescribing

Non-medical prescribing (NMP) students are now able to be supported and assessed by a variety of healthcare professionals, and therefore these online presentations will help provide clarity regarding the roles and responsibilities involved.

The Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) handbook will provide you with more detailed information. After reading this information, please make contact so that we discuss how we can support you and your student.

It is important to remember that students, DPPs and supervisors have their own unique learning and support requirements. Therefore, we are always fully accessible to advise you. If there are any concerns at all relating to your student, is it vital that you get in touch. There are clear policies and procedures in place to support us all in dealing with such concerns.

Myself and my team look forward to working with you in the future. You are also very welcome to get in touch to receive feedback regarding your role to support your own continuing professional development.

Beth Hawkes, NMP Programme Lead

Beth Hawkes, NMP Programme Lead


Designated Prescribing Practitioner (DPP) Handbook