TMS (Timesheet Management System) video guide

Watch our handy video guide to using the Timesheet Management System

Student participants in the TMS (Timesheet Management System) pilot will be completing online timesheets in addition to a paper timesheet in the usual manner.

Please see the links above for the user guides, there are 2 guides, one for students and one for mentors.  

For any absences please ensure you record the allocated shift in addition to the absence hours. This will ensure that the worked hours are correctly calculated. Please see the guide for more information.

Please note timesheets will not be available until your placement commences. 

Future development planned includes the option to record additional practice hours. We will keep you informed and send an updated user guide. Please do not use the Made Up Times tab.

We shall gather some feedback at the end of your placement to further develop the site if required.

If you are having any difficulty, please email the POW Support Team, this email account is monitored during office hours.

If you receive any error messages it is useful if you can send us a screen shot of the message along with the detail of when the message appeared.

Thank you

We want to thank you for participating in this pilot, and all of your feedback and experiences will be used to develop the system for all future TMS users.