What to expect

Expectations will be present on both sides!

The staff at your allocated placement will have expectations of you also, they will expect you to be polite and friendly, willing to learn and helpful with their workload. Remember first impressions count!

To present yourself in the best possible light to your new team access the placement details on POW and see if there is any recommended reading or suggestions for research prior to placement commencing. If there is not, look up some basic background before you go, it will show resourcefulness and eagerness to learn. Expectations met!

It is important that you meet with your mentor or team prior to starting your placement. Telephone or email your named contact at least four weeks beforehand, to arrange a suitable time to go in. Not only will this orientate you with your new workplace environment, it will give you a chance to see what you will be doing, get your shifts for the initial period and also acquaint you with the mentor who will be assessing you.

CEPPL practice assessment tips for students and mentors
Planning your learning experience video

What to expect from your mentor

Your mentor will:-

  • Be at least one year post nursing/relevant healthcare qualification.
  • Hold a qualification in Mentorship.
  • Hold current registration on the Mentor Register.
  • Be responsible for your access to the wider team enabling you to work with other HCP’s.
  • Work collaboratively with you developing your learning pathway.
  • Assess your progress both formally and informally, with feedback and formative and summative assessments.
  • Give constructive feedback at regular intervals to highlight gaps/progress in your learning.
  • Will sign the OARS document and give comment for your future practice assessors.

What the mentor requires from you

  • Flexibility to work with them on shifts to enable them to supervise your learning effectively.
  • Enthusiasm and willingness to learn.
  • Two-way discussion and feedback, to ensure there is mutual understanding of any feedback/planning.
  • Reflections and other evidence presented to the mentor in a timely manner.
  • Evaluation of the placement and your experience at the end of placement.
  • Your signature on the mentor’s Triennial Review form.


Pre Placement Checklist

  • Check Mandatory training completed and signed in OARS.
  • Read section 1 of OARS document to familiarise yourself with the format.
  • Contact placement / initial visit to meet mentor / knowledge of travel to and from placement.
  • Ensure all domestic / childcare arrangements are in place.
  • Get a good night’s sleep!

In Placement

  • Fitting into the team : Be willing, friendly, productive and attentive.
  • Actively contribute to developing learning pathway and engage with other HCP’s for wider learning experience.
  • Ensure all local requirements are met, such as induction, assessments etc.

Post Placement

  • Ensure the OARS document is signed in all relevant places and all evidence has been submitted to mentor, and your own copies filed for audit purposes.
  • Time sheet filled in, signed by mentor and ready to hand in to University.
  • All hours completed or make up hours being organised.
  • Evaluation of placement completed via POW.