Devon Partnership NHS Trust

Overview of DPT and our mission

Devon Partnership NHS Trust was established in 2001. We have an annual budget of around £130 million and, at any one time, we support almost 18,000 people across Devon and Torbay. We are an NHS organisation that works closely with other health and social care providers across Devon to support the recovery of people with mental health needs.
We employ around 2,300 staff and also have around 100 staff assigned from Devon County Council and Torbay, including social workers and support workers. We serve a large geographical area with a population of more than 850,000 people.

Improving and changing our services

We are working on making some changes to the way we deliver our mental health services. People who use our services have told us they want them to be clear, simple to access, easy to understand, safe and of high quality. The changes we are making will help us to achieve these aims, and help us to be more efficient. 

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Student opportunities and support

We provide practice placements for a wide variety of students as part of their training to become the healthcare professionals of the future. We provide placements for both Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing students from Plymouth University and the University of the West of England (UWE).

We are able to offer a variety of student learning placements and experiences to include:

  • Inpatient adult acute services
  • Forensic inpatient services
  • Community based adult services
  • Specialist Mental Health services
  • Older adults inpatient services
  • Older adults community services
  • Learning disability services
  • Psychiatric liaison services      
  • Crisis resolution and home treatment
  • Perinatal service        


Once you are a registered nurse, you will want to continue your professional development. Within DPT we have an established and formalised preceptorship programme which includes three main components:

1. In the Workplace each manager is responsible for: local induction and ongoing support, supervision and assessment via the allocation of a designated Preceptor. This process starts as soon as the Preceptee starts within the Trust and should continue for approximately one year from their starting date.

2. Mandatory Trust study days and facilitated group supervision sessions. These are coordinated by the Preceptorship Lead within Practice Development, Workforce.

3. Completion of a professional portfolio by the Preceptee, to demonstrate competence and continuing professional development during the first year this needs to be ‘signed off’ by the Manager, Preceptor and Preceptorship Lead.

Contact information

If you want to talk to the Practice Development Team to further explore the options available to you please contact us on: +44 1392 674949/+44 1392 674939

Or email: