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Careers support in the curriculum

Paul Gillard is the Careers Adviser linked to the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Paul is able to offer a range of careers support throughout your studies:

Stage 1:
Support with individual career queries at the annual Placement and Preceptorship Fair.
Stage 2:
Lecture input: Career planning and applications:

  • planning your nursing career pathway
  • how to research job opportunities
  • the skills and experiences sought by nursing employers
  • values Based Recruitment
  • how to evidence your skills in applications
  • CVs and covering letters
  • how to access support from the Careers & Employability Service.

Stage 3:
Lecture input: Selling your skills at interview:

  • assessment events
  • interview formats and question types
  • preparing effectively for interview situations
  • managing the interview process and techniques for answering questions
  • interview skills practice activity.

You can also access individual careers advice and guidance from Paul and colleagues at the Careers & Employability Hub (see contact details below).

Career Navigator

Career Navigator is the University of Plymouth’s on-line careers and employability portal through which you can access a wide range of interactive resources and e-learning tools. 

Here you will find:

  • tools to build your CV and cover letter
  • interview advice and example questions
  • career articles and podcasts
  • self-assessment tools
  • live vacancies for part-time jobs, internships and graduate opportunities
  • e-learning tips and tutorials.
Please read the guide for an explanation of how to use Career Navigator to locate the information you need.

Nursing vacancies

In line with the direction of travel towards more integrated, home and community-based services, opportunities are increasing for newly qualified nurses to enter the profession in a range of community settings. At the same time, acute hospital settings continue to offer many opportunities.

NHS jobs is the key website for vacancies across the NHS, including independent and private sector organisations delivering NHS services. Note that some providers do not always advertise on NHS jobs, so if you have a particular employer in mind you should monitor their website and / or follow them on social media to keep informed of vacancies.

The following websites also contain job listings for nurses:

When should I apply?

Job opportunities are advertised throughout the year, but some organisations target their recruitment at specific times to attract cohorts of newly qualified nurses. The periods April – June and October – December are often when large scale recruitment takes place, though this will vary across providers. It is useful to monitor the websites of larger employers at these times and keep an eye on the NHS jobs website.

Job vacancies have traditionally been aimed at stage 3 students, but some employers are starting to accept applications from students in stage 2.

Job applications and interviews

As part of your programme, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures covering how to complete successful applications and interviews. These are delivered by Paul Gillard, the Careers Adviser linked to the School of Nursing and Midwifery. For more information see Careers Support in the Curriculum (above).

There is some useful guidance on completing applications and interviews on NHS jobs. In particular, the importance of providing examples of where you have demonstrated the criteria in the ‘person specification’ cannot be overstated. 

Please also see the guidance from RCN on applications and preparing for interviews

You can find more resources on CVs, application forms and interview skills on Career Navigator. These include: 

  • a ‘CV builder’ to get your CV started
  • video clips on how to complete successful applications and interviews
  • an interview simulator to enable you to practice your own interview technique.

Careers advice and guidance

The Careers & Employability Hub is based at the Plymouth campus and is your one-stop-shop for careers information, advice and guidance support.

You don’t need an appointment, just drop in and speak to our employability assistants about the help you need.

You can also book an appointment to discuss your career plans in depth with a careers adviser. 

If you are away from Plymouth, you can still access support by email, telephone or Skype.

For further information, contact the Careers & Employability Service: 

Careers & Employability Hub
Ground Floor, Roland Levinsky Building
Plymouth University
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA. 

Standard term-time opening times: Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:30

+44 (0)1752 587456